Chiyoda Philipines Corporation



Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh), one of the major affiliates of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama, Japan), is a global engineering service contractor primarily engaged in detail design of various plants and facilities mostly gas processing and LNG plants.

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) was formerly known as C&E Corporation , a joint venture company which merges the leading-edge engineering design know-how of Japan's world-renowned engineering company, CHIYODA CORPORATION and the industrial construction capabilities and fabrication expertise of Philippines' EEI CORPORATION.

On February 1995, C&E Corporation was officially established and registered with the Board of Invesment (BOI) of the Philippines as a Pioneer in the industry which provides engineering and technical services.

In May 3, 2006, C&E Corporation changed its corporate name to Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) since the company became 100% owned by Chiyoda Corporation.   


Sun Plaza Bldg. Baranggay Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City.